After a month from the opening of the Church for the public celebration of the Mass, our both Masses are full.
From August people who was shielding before are allowed to attend Mass.
For these two reasons I consider that from next Sunday 9th August we should add another Mass at 9:45am between the normal ones.
So, I would like to know again how many people would like to attend Mass and at which hour. 
We will need some volunteers to be stewards during the Mass and cleaners after it.
Please reply as soon as possible and before Thursday 6th August.

Please let us know which hour you would like to attend Mass


In case your first option would not be possible, you can select a second and a third option.

Thank you for your interest and availability. 
If your first option is not possible then I will be in contact with you to confirm what time is available.
God bless.

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