02 JUN 2019   Third Meeting

Holy Family Church

Family Catechism Schedule

02nd JUN 2019 Third Meeting (St. Rita’s Centre) 4pm – 7pm

Parents group:

  • Last month report: experiences of meetings at home.
  • YouCat: III. Commandments: (nn. 110-121)
  • General (nn. 110-113)
  • 1st – 3rd commandments (nn. 114-121)
  • COMMANDMENTS: The Hug of Love.

Children group:

  • YouCat: I. Creed; I believe in God, the Father almighty, creator of heaven and earth. (nn. 13-22)
  • Profess the CREED together n.13.
  • Repeat the questions 13-22. Let the children answer, share what they have learned at home with their parents and make sure all the children understand the basic answers of the Church (Catechism)
  • Find HIDDEN WORDS Gn 1-3 (The creation of the world - The origin of human beings - The fall)


YouCat for Kids

  • nn. 110-113
  • COMMANDMENTS: The Hug of Love.
  • nn. 114-117
  • nn. 118-121