Honiton HOLY FAMILY RC Church

One soul and one heart intent upon God

Augustinian Recollects
Diocese of Plymouth

A Church that is a family,

Catholic families that are domestic churches.

Welcome to the website of the "Holy Family" Christian Catholic Community in Honiton.

"The Holy Family” is the example and the task that the Lord Jesus has put before our eyes to take under consideration and as a model to build up our community.

We try to be a great holy family, composed for holy Christian families that know and love each another.

Our Parish community try to be really a family and a holy family, and each of our families try to be also a holy and domestic church, whose very heart is the Lord Jesus living among us every day of our lives. We all must work together under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. 

 May the Lord grant us this grace. Amen. God bless you all.

 Fr. Jose Romero OAR

Come to Me, says the Lord

Accept the invitation of Jesus


says the Lord

COME TO ME, because I am the Bread of Life, and who eats Me will live for ever. COME TO ME and you will be marked with the seal of my Love, with the seal of the Spirit, the seal of the children of God. COME TO ME and I will nourish your mind with my Word and your heart with my Flesh and Blood. COME TO ME and I will strengthen you with my Love. COME TO ME and taste and see that the Lord is good. Taste and see my body given up for you, taste and see my blood poured out for you. COME TO ME and taste my sweetness and see my loveliness and remind them while you walk in the midst of the world, so that you don’t dare to taste and see the forbidden fruits of the sin. COME TO ME and do not abandon me ever more, be faithful to this our special weekly encounter of love and joy. If you have abandoned our intimacy for other intimacies, choose me and COME TO ME again to be restored, to be healed, to be forgiven, let me restore our friendship. I don’t forget nor abandon those whom I love. Choose me and COME TO ME, because only I can give you Eternal life. COME TO ME all of you and in me all of you will be united in peace. ELDER PEOPLE, COME TO ME and you will not feel alone evermore, come to Me and I will relieve your sorrows, I will remove your fears and I will place in your heart a joyful hope and you will look forward to the day I will come to take you with me for ever. SPOUSES, COME TO ME and I will cast away from your hearts every kind of grudges and you will forgive each another, and all the bad things of the past will be burned in the furnace of my love. COME TO ME and I will renew the joy and love within your hearts, and you will love each other with sincerity, faithfulness and purity. COME TO ME and I will relieve your daily hardships and labours. COME TO ME and your children will be drawn to me, COME TO ME and your children will COME TO ME. YOUNG PEOPLE, COME TO ME and you will be always understood, accepted and loved. COME TO ME and you will find the friend that never fails. COME TO ME and you will not be more afraid for the future. COME TO ME and you will be humble and sensible in your ways COME TO ME and you will obey with joy, COME TO ME and you will be responsible in your works. COME TO ME and you will learn to love without egoisms, with pure heart, clean sight and chaste conduct. COME TO ME and you will be happy and in peace. CHILDREN, COME TO ME, because you make me happy, you console me with your innocent heart, your pure smile and your lovely sight. COME TO ME and although you grow up you will not lose your humbleness and tenderness. COME TO ME take my hand and I will guide you in your life. COME TO ME and I will bless you, I will put my seal of love in your forehead, and you will always sleep peacefully in my arms, where I will protect you from every evil. ALL OF YOU my beloved ones, COME TO ME, I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. COME TO ME, I am the living water and the bread of life. COME TO ME, I am the Good Shepherd and the true Vine. COME TO ME, I am the Fount of mercy and pardon. COME TO ME, I am your Saviour and your Master. COME TO ME, I am the Gate of Heaven and the Throne of Peace. ALL OF YOU MY BELOVED ONES, COME TO ME!


Accept the Love of God in your life today


The Love of God is our Law, and this Law has been written in our hearts by the Spirit of Christ.

Our religion and worship to the Father should be in Spirit and Truth, our childhood worship to our heavenly Father should be enlightened by Christ and moved by the Holy Spirit.

This is the Law of God for us:

  • his Son and his Holy Spirit, these two arms stretched out to us;

  • the love of God and the love of neighbours, those two hands open out for us;

  • the Ten Commandments, those ten fingers that grasp us into the way of God.

This is the Law of God, the big hug of love from God to humankind.

When we accept to live according to the will of God, we are accepting this big hug of love for us.

Those ten fingers, those two hands, those two arms lead us straight to the Heart of God our Father.

The Law of God is an easy yoke and a light burden, how good it is to live in the arms of our God like a child.

Those arms who take us from the nasty ground of the world and raise us up to the chest of God and see the life and the world from the perspective of God, and feel the warmly Love of his Heart, and find there consolation, joy and peace.

But if we accept this hug of love, we should be moved also by love, we have to extend our arms and hands to our Father putting our hearts into the Hearth of God.

Our religion is as simple as that, a big hug of love, from Heart to heart, in the communion with all our brothers and sisters that have been also embraced with us by God, is let God raise us up so that we do not be contaminated by the world.

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