Big Hug of Love


The Love of God is our Law, and this Law has been written in our hearts by the Spirit of Christ.

Our religion and worship to the Father should be in Spirit and Truth, our childhood worship to our heavenly Father should be enlightened by Christ and moved by the Holy Spirit.

This is the Law of God for us:

his Son and his Holy Spirit, these two arms stretched out to us;

the love of God and the love of neighbours, those two hands open out for us;

the Ten Commandments, those ten fingers that grasp us into the way of God.

This is the Law of God, the big hug of love from God to humankind.

When we accept to live according to the will of God, we are accepting this big hug of love for us.

Those ten fingers, those two hands, those two arms lead us straight to the Heart of God our Father.

The Law of God is an easy yoke and a light burden, how good it is to live in the arms of our God like a child.

Those arms who take us from the nasty ground of the world and raise us up to the chest of God and see the life and the world from the perspective of God, and feel the warmly Love of his Heart, and find there consolation, joy and peace.

But if we accept this hug of love, we should be moved also by love, we have to extend our arms and hands to our Father putting our hearts into the Hearth of God.

Our religion is as simple as that, a big hug of love, from Heart to heart, in the communion with all our brothers and sisters that have been also embraced with us by God, is let God raise us up so that we do not be contaminated by the world.